Host Families

Student Life Department

The Student Life Department oversees all aspects of our students’ educational journey abroad including academic and homestay management. Student Life Coordinators place international students with loving host families that will support them throughout their educational career in the United States.

Believing that student success begins at home with a supportive family, we provide students with an authentic, full-immersion American homestay experience in a caring and safe neighborhood.

The Student Life program includes off-campus and homestay management, guardian services, and 24/7 daily and emergency support services (student illness, arrival and departure services, summer placement, etc.).

Ivy Bridge Group is a member of the CSIET network and follows U.S. Department of State guidelines and policies in selecting homestay families. All host families are certified through cultural training programs, yearly background checks, and in-home visits.

Accommodations provided by the homestay include: a private room in a home near their school, meals, Internet access, periodic sponsored extracurricular activities and events, and transportation arrangements to and from school.

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Student Testimonial

"I lived with Debbie and Adam for 2 and half years. The first time I met them, the big hug and warm smile made me feel home. For my first week of school, I had such a hard time with the coursework and everyone in the family pitched in to help. I am an only child and for the first 17 years in China, I am the center of my family. The first thing I learned when living with the family was how to share love and attention. Think about living with four sisters and brother, every day was about sharing and compromising, and this truly made me a person who can embrace diversity. How do I like living with host family? I love it! If I didn't have this awesome experience, I would not be the person I am right now! I am so thankful for having my second family at America, and I know they always have my back.”

Iris, Ivy Bridge Alum with host family