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Admissions Department

The Admissions Department focuses on finding the best fit between students and schools. We interview, qualify, accept and enroll students based on their unique needs and skills. Students are advised on all aspects of their school search including curriculum, learning styles, schooling options and repatriation. Students also have the opportunity to visit their prospective campuses. Our department is dedicated to providing a streamlined admissions process for prospective students. We provide continued I-20 support and supervision of renewal procedures as well as re-enrollment/registration support and administration of important legal/school documents.

Our Admissions Philosophy

A student committed to enrolling with the best fit school will achieve superior results. A students best fit school is the ideal environment where their skill set will be best taken advantage of and most recognized. We personally conduct video interviews with our students to determine their unique needs and skills. Our Admissions Department then recommends up to 3 best fit schools for each student based on: academic transcripts, test scores, their A-1 application, essays, and English proficiency.

Our Application Process

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