The Admissions Department at Ivy Bridge provides a step by step comprehensive service from Pre-Application to School Application for students who wish to study in the United States.  


Studying in America can be overwhelming experience but our qualified admissions coordinators are here to help you or your child in this process.  The pre-application phase is an important step in ensuring that students are prepared to apply to American Schools.  The coordinator will work with students no matter where they are in the application process to determine the necessary requirements of the schools that might best fit their needs.  Once the interest schools are determined, the coordinator will provide the necessary requirements for each school.  The student will discuss with an admissions coordinator to answer any questions they may have concerning studying in the United States.  


The application process starts with an extensive understanding of the International student's educational background and needs.  Ivy Bridge Admissions Coordinators provide a personalized experience, working with students to search our database of quality schools to find the perfect match where students can be successful.  Our network of partner schools and blue ribbon schools enables our team to work with school personnel to provide prospective students specific insight on the necessary components of the school application.  Once the student finds several schools that meets their needs, we submit to the application and required documents (transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendations) to all the schools.  After acceptance into choice schools, we work with the student to choose the school they will attend.  Once the school is chosen, the form I-20 is issued from the school for the student to receive their student f1 visa.  The admissions department provides continued support until the student arrival in the United States.