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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year at Ivy Bridge Group

Our New Years Area Celebrations

Washington DC

Area Coordinator: Pam

In Washington DC our students went to Far East Restaurant to celebrate the New Year.  The students really enjoyed the food and the time sharing how the school year was going.




Area Coordinators: Nina and Michele

In Los Angeles, many of our students and host parents showed up to our celebration at Ivy Bridge Institute in Sherman Oaks.  Together we enjoyed eating hot pot as well as playing fun games and had a time to share about what they were excited for in the new year.






Area Coordinator: Deb

In Connecticut, All the students gathered in our coordinator's home and enjoyed a home cooked Chinese meal.  The students had a time of bonding and enjoying the new year with other Ivy Bridge Group students. 


New Jersey

Area Coordinator: Sharon

In New Jersey, the students got to enjoy a traditional meal with their host parents and coordinator Sharon.  Everyone had a great time sharing their experiences and getting to know one another better. 





Area Coordinator: Melissa

In Massachusetts, our students gathered at Melissa's home and had a great time of games and food.  Our students even had a hand in their own food by making their own dumplings. It was a delightful time sharing and exchanging cultures in their coordinator's home.